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We build early learning children's centres and big bright futures

foodwatershelter is a not-for-profit, non-denominational non-government organisation first established in 2005 by five Australian women on their return from volunteer work in Tanzania.

Today, over 35 Tanzanian staff and 40 volunteers from Australia and around the world work together on our first development project, Kesho Leo Children’s Village in Tanzania.

Our pole-pole (slowly-slowly) approach and environmentally sustainable, long-term outlook helps build big, bright futures for the women, children and employees of Kesho Leo and the surrounding community.

Kesho Leo Children’s Village
Located on 6 acres in the Arusha region of Tanzania, close to Mount Kilimanjaro, Kesho Leo is based in a community that experiences high levels of entrenched poverty, HIV/AIDS, and physical, emotional and sexual violence towards women and children. Building began in 2007, and Kesho Leo is now a thriving eco-friendly residential, farming and community development hub.

Kesho Leo offers:
  • Secure homes to house mamas and children in need. Kesho Leo’s first house mamas came with their children for a better life and to help support services to other children. These first families will gradually return to their communities, supported by matched savings. By 2016, Kesho will welcome at least 40 orphaned children by into households headed by caring, locally-qualified caregivers.
  • Employment to an incredible team of over 35 Tanzanian staff including teachers, nurses, social welfare staff, security guards, farmers and builders, all under the management of Kesho’s superb long-time resident manager, Mohamed ‘Mudi’ Salim.
  • Community health services including a Community Health Centre, a Health Education and Promotion program for the wider community, and outreach work to help link local people with existing health services.
  • Child education services including on-site Chekechea (kindergarten), pre-primary and after-school tuition services attended by more than 120 local children each year and a community library. All resident children are supported to attend education and training through to young adulthood.
  • Social welfare services including casework support for Kesho Leo residents and local families at crisis point, community social welfare education programs, and community access to employment opportunities, microfinance, and income-generating initiatives.
  • Empowerment to women through employment, training, microfinance programs and social support that helps local women become informed, resourced and independent.
  • A permaculture farm that produces organic vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, fish and honey, demonstrating workable, eco-friendly farming alternatives. Kesho Leo provides community training in organic vegetable growing, rainwater harvesting, permaculture design, composting, compost toilets and more, and regularly delivers internationally-accredited Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses in English and Kiswahili.
  • Eco-friendly design and practice - Kesho Leo’s central building won the 2010 National Australian Institute of Architects Award for International Architecture for its innovative design in response to the site, the climate, the needs of the residents, and locally-available resources.
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foodwatershelter is a registered non-government organisation (NGO) in Tanzania and has Boards of Management in Australia, Tanzania and the USA.
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Kesho Leo Children’s Village
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